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How to Efficiently Trim Cannabis

Trimming is mainly intended to remove the bucking buds off, and to remove sugar, and fan leaves. Trimming is also an important process for curing as trimmed buds offers uniform, and well-balanced moisture contents, and offers flavorful, and even smoking experience. Generally, there are 2 ways to trim the cannabis plants such as wet trimming, and dry trimming. Wet trimming allows the easy removal of sugar leaves, and fan leaves, Moreover, it also allows quick drying of moisture-filled foliage for the flowers. This situation is especially helpful for the humid climatic conditions, where mould development is a concern. 

Whereas dry trimming is focused on cutting the plant parts and hanging them for several days to dry well. Once the plant parts are dried, growers can easily buck off the buds from branches and can easily do trimming. Dry trimming is a good approach in the arid climatic conditions, but it requires careful management. Usually, trimming should be done in the drying room. Either growers are following dry trimming or wet trimming some the main steps for trimming will remain the same. 

Cutting the Plants and Branches 

This task can be accomplished by using a pair of pruning shears. In the first point, the main stalk closer to the soil should be cut, followed by the cutting of branches, and breaking plant parts into smaller pieces. The plants are hanged for drying in the dry trimming, either as entire plants or in the smaller pieces. These drying plants can be trimmed after 3-7 days. This step is skipped for wet trimming, as it can be directly started by following the second step. 

Removal of Fan Leaves 

Fan leaves are of prime importance as they are iconic leaves having 5-7 plants. These leaves are developed during the vegetative stage of plant growth and they do not have trichomes. These leaves can be genteelly pulled off for wet trimming, but scissors can also be used for easy snipping. 

Cutting of Buds from Branches 

After removal of fan leaves, individual buds should be removed from branches. This process is called as bucking and causes a pile of trimmers. So, it is important to make separate piles for fan leaves, stems, and branches. 

Trim Away 

It is essential to make sure that only desired sized buds are trimmed, and if a bud is too large, it should be broken down into smaller pieces. Bigger buds may look good, but it may not dry properly and may even be susceptible to the attack of mould. At first, the stem should be trimmed from the bottom, but care should be taken to avoid bud breaking. After this step, crow’s feet should be removed. These are smaller branches that looks like a foot of little bird and stems up from the bottom of plants. 

Buds should be properly manicured by removing the extra plant matter. Scissors should be properly angled before cutting, and uniform surface area around the buds should be ensured. This involves taking down the red colored pistils on the foliage. Trichome contents of pistils are almost zero or very low, so they should only be kept long for the aesthetic purposes. 

Finished buds should be kept in the separate tray or bowl, so trim should be collected in a good way. Later, it can be dried for smoking or for making edible cannabis products. Scissors should be properly wiped with alcohol to avoid the contamination chances. This trimming can be done by using hand or machines trimmers. Machine trimmers offers incredibly quick bud processing and helps to save money, and time. 

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