About Us

More Than Just a Fertilizer

BudJuice is a full life-cycle company – taking the initiative to reduce, reuse, recycle and recover. Marine wastewater that would otherwise be placed in a landfill or flushed into our sewer system and waterways is collected and extracted to make this earth-friendly fertilizer. By reusing the material in this manner you can grow healthy plants naturally. BudJuice encourages its customers to return their plastic bottles for recycling, offering them a credit on their next order. 

In addition to preventing waste, BudJuice is helping to clean plastics from our oceans and coastlines. A portion of each purchase goes towards sponsoring ocean plastic cleanup efforts. T

The producers of BudJuice believe in additive and chemical-free organic growing methods and strive to help you grow the healthiest and cleanest plants possible.


What Makes BudJuice Stand Apart?

Most organic fertilizers on the market today have been extracted from freshwater or are missing critical macro nutrients, while ocean-based products tend to consist of marine phytoplankton or blended kelp and many other components critical to plant growth. 


Unlike synthetic fertilizers, BudJuice promotes the proliferation of helpful microorganisms present in the soil, and plants are able to more easily absorb its organic material.