BudJuice Micro - use once weekly for the entire grow cycle - 10ml to 50ml diluted in 1 liter of water. There is a chart on the bottle to help you decide how much to dose in 1 liter of water. Or you can use a 1:20 mixing ratio of Micro to water.


Phase 1: Nitrogen BudJuice Nitro - Use in early stage of growth. Dose 3 tablespoons per plant. Mixed in soil if possible, dose again if nitrogen is required. This is a 30 day slow release. If you are using a very small pot use 1 tablespoon and add two more when you transplant.


Phase 2: Phosphorus BudJuice Grow - Use once at the beginning of vegetative state. Use 4 tablespoons per plant. Mixed in soil if possible. This is a slow release formula as well.


Phase 3: Potassium BudJuice Bloom- Use at the beginning of bloom strange. Mix 1 teaspoon in 4 liters of water. You can repeat every 2-3 weeks if required.


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