Maximize Your Garden's Potential with Easy-to-Use Organic Fertilizer.

  • Living Soil

    Utilize BudJuice Micro to enhance the vitality of your soil, creating an optimal environment that nurtures and supports the growth of your plants with an abundance of essential nutrients.

  • Foliage

    Optimal soil conditions lead to robust foliage, enhancing the growth of vibrant flowers. Follow the merchant's instructions to create an environment with optimal soil conditions for robust foliage and vibrant flower growth.

  • Robust Stems

    Micro nutrients contribute to the development of robust structural support for sizable plants. Learn how micro nutrients help plants develop strong structural support for optimal growth.

  • Maximize Root Network

    BudJuice Micro enhances root development to optimize nutrient absorption. BudJuice Micro is specially formulated to efficiently enhance root development, resulting in optimized nutrient absorption.

  • BudJuice Mirco

    Generates a thriving soil environment by supplying the essential nutrients necessary for the growth and sustenance of microorganisms.

  • BudJuice Nitro

    Crucial for maximizing nutrient absorption and enhancing plant development

  • BudJuice Grow

    Phosphorus ensures absorption of sun's energy Phosphorus aids in the efficient absorption of solar energy.

  • BudJuice Bloom

    Experience the benefits of potassium, a key nutrient that enhances disease resistance and significantly boosts crop yields.

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For All Growth Phases - BudJuice Micro

Discover the power of BudJuice Micro, a nutrient-packed solution derived from the vast resources of our oceans. This carefully crafted formula combines organic and elemental nutrients to promote the optimal growth of your plants and foster a healthy living soil.

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Stage 1 - BudJuice Nitro

Improve your plants' organic growth by giving them BudJuice Nitro, a formula that provides a boost of nitrogen and essential ocean nutrients. Enhance the natural growth of your plants with BudJuice Nitro, a scientifically-formulated formula that contains a high concentration of nitrogen and essential nutrients from the ocean.

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Stage 2 - BudJuice Grow

BudJuice Grow is derived from fishbone meal, and ocean minerals. It is packed with organic Phosphorus & micro nutrients naturally found in marine water that are essential to plant growth. BudJuice Grow is a scientifically formulated blend of fishbone meal and ocean minerals, carefully designed to provide your plants with essential organic Phosphorus and micro nutrients.

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Stage 3 - BudJuice Bloom

Packed with organic potassium derived from kelp Bloom increases flower yields and production. Experience a significant boost in flower yields and production with the organic potassium derived from kelp in our product, BudJuice Bloom.

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BudJuice Organics

Grow the way nature intended

  • BudJuice Micro

    OMRI Certified for organic use. All organic, no herbacies, pesticides used.

  • Sustainability

    Improperly discarded plastics are an issue. That's why we work with organizations like 4Ocean to collect 110% and more in plastic weight that we sold, from our oceans every year.

  • Better Tasting Yeilds

    Zero syntetic increditents used

  • Results

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